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Ludicra -- Allston, MA -- April 17th, 2010

Tour: Decancellation Tour
Town / Venue: Allston, MA / O’Brien’s Pub
Ludicra Setlist adapted from:

O’Brien’s Pub is a tiny venue that only allows standing room for 75 people or so. While it’s very nice to be up close & personal with the bands, it’s also harder to get a small crowd revved up. Fortunately I found a few other kinesthetic metal movers I recognized. We headbang too much for the typical Black Metal fan.

Doors opened at 2 and the show started at 3. While waiting, I chatted with frontwoman Laurie, who vaguely recognized me as “the bathroom girl” from Scion Rock Fest ~sighs~. She was very amicable and apologized about twenty times for the performance they were about to do. Apparently every member of Ludicra was sick except one. The irony was that the healthiest person was John Cobbett, who had just barely reunited with the tour following a burst appendix.

Krallice went on a 3 o’clock. Their music was peaceful and melodic. My music-teacher friend who I brought with me kept saying “It’s like folk music sped up and flashier.” I’m not fully sure I agree, but it was lovely. The only issue I had is that their music is constant sound, with very little rise and fall of instrumentation. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing them open again.

Ludicra was next, and they destroyed like always. Despite being ill, Laurie screamed into the microphone like the banshee she is, flailing and stomping around like a pissed off mental patient. She'll seriously do anything, including crawling around and laying down on the floor whilst still screaming. O’Brien’s was a great venue for them to perform at, as their guitars came through crystal clear. It was especially nice to see John back, healthy, and, y’know, not dead.

This may have been the setlist (it’s actually from a performance a few nights later). I can only truly guarantee Stagnant Pond and In Stable’s positions.

Stagnant Pond
In Stable
One-Thousand Wolves? (may not be true)
Larger Silence
Awake to Grey?

Tombs was up last, and the crowd thinned out quite a bit for them. Perhaps it was because I had just experienced Ludicra, but I wasn’t all that excited by them. I will say, however, that their drummer is awesome.

Overall, a great time, and I only wish that there were more 3 PM shows out there. Talk about convenient!

Acquired: Ludicra shirt for $10
The Tenant (Ludicra’s new CD) for $10
Photos with Laurie and Aesop
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.

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