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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Goddammit, I'm nervous now. My #1 complaint the other times I saw Mastodon (which were a letdown, believe me) was Brent. This story isn't so different from when he stopped playing "Hearts Alive," babbled some drunken words into the mic, and made the band start over back in '07. If he does some bullshit at this show, I would not be opposed to seeing him leave the band, which hurts me to say because I'm an enormous Mastodon fan.
It pains me to say that I agree with you, but it's true. Brent is a great guitarist but he is too high maintenance. Stopping shows, singing like shit (which is frequent), and just being plain unreliable. Troy and Brann looked pissed as hell last night when Brent was pulling that stunt, and Bill was probably pissed too but he is always pretty nonchalant and easy going. Honestly, Brann has a SICK voice and Troy is the shit on the mic (as usual). I do want to say that Troy sounded the best I have ever heard last night. His vocals were spot on and so were Brann's. He even has some nice vibrato going!! If they replaced Brent, I think it would help the band. And I HAAATE saying that. I still will love Mastodon no matter what.
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