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Originally Posted by LIVEtoROCK86 View Post
Mastodon just wasn't feeling it last night. Personally, I think Brent Hinds was way out of line. No matter how shitty everything is going on stage, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Don't stop TWICE! It takes away from the mystique of the show. Way out of line. I'm actually shocked they played after they finished Crack The Skye. We were waiting a solid 5 minutes before they came back on stage. And the last part of the show, you could tell they didn't give a shit, neither did the crowd. I expected more of Brent.
Goddammit, I'm nervous now. My #1 complaint the other times I saw Mastodon (which were a letdown, believe me) was Brent. This story isn't so different from when he stopped playing "Hearts Alive," babbled some drunken words into the mic, and made the band start over back in '07. If he does some bullshit at this show, I would not be opposed to seeing him leave the band, which hurts me to say because I'm an enormous Mastodon fan.
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