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this was probably one of the most disappointing shows i've been to. and not for any of the first 3 bands. valiant thorr was fun, baroness was awesome, and BTBAM kicked ass once again. but mastodon was the downfall of the night. i noticed sound problems throughout crack the skye, but when they got to the last baron, it all fell apart. brent flipped out that the subs were too loud and he couldn't play the song because "he doesn't wear ear protection because he's not a pussy." he actually stopped the song to rant to the sound guy, and then made the song start over. about 30 seconds into it, he stopped again because his guitar was out of tune and he "pays good money for someone to tune his goddamn guitar." personally, i didn't care much for his attitude. and i was really excited to see them for the first time too. but if you ask me, seeing BTBAM for the 3rd time was worth it for me
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