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I got there on time, so I caught Lori Goldstein and WITTR (who I came for), but I left before Earth.

Lori Goldstein played a 15-20 min. cello set. Imagine if the creepy swamp witch from Pumpkinhead had a sister who played doom-esque cello on the bayou, and you've got an idea of what her set was like. She was like a one-woman symphonic version of Sunn O))), if that makes any sense.

WITTR owned, as usual. I vaguely recall their set as being:

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
Ex Cathedra
Queen of the Borrowed Light
I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots

... although I might be wrong on one of those. I wish they had more time. They really need to do a headlining tour.
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