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Mastodon -- Sayreville, NJ -- April 21st, 2010

We arrived at around 8:00 just in time to hear the last song from Baroness. Between The Buried And Me were up next and they played the same setlist as previous shows on this tour:

Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain
Prequel to the Sequel
Desert of Song
Backwards Marathon
Disease, Injury, Madness

I thought this was a great choice of setlist, as this was my 7th time seeing them and 3/5 songs I had not heard live before. Someone was heckling the band during the slow section of Disease, Injury, Madness. He started a small crowd chant of "You suck Dick." The band actually stopped the song so Tommy could address the heckler. He said something like, "Why do you say we suck dick? I personally have never sucked a dick. You don't like our band, that's fine. What did we ever do to you? Why are you going to come to our show and tell us we suck dick?" I didn't think stopping the song was warranted in response to the heckler, but we didn't see or hear from him after that, so I guess it worked.

By the way, Between The Buried And Me are playing a one-off headlining show this Sunday at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. I believe Baroness is opening. Just wanted to put the word out, in case any fans of the band didn't hear about it.

We stuck around to hear Mastodon play their Crack The Skye album, and then left. If someone else could post the rest of the Mastodon setlist, that would be much appreciated. Mastodon did sound better compared to the last time I saw them (opening for Dethklok), but I would still consider myself only a casual fan, and I don't know any of their music besides Crack The Skye and 1 or 2 other songs.

I took a few pictures during BTBAM's set. Will post them later.
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