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Originally Posted by Pastulio_ View Post
These sets would be so much better if they replaced The End of the Line with something else. That Was Just Your Life=AWESOME opener. The End Of The Line=fairly meh. Not HORRIBLE, but it's kind of a let down after the Life high...
I disagree. I like the one-two punch of That Was Just Your Life right into The End Of The Line.

Originally Posted by through#the#never View Post
yeah they should replace "line" with something like holier than thou, of wolf and man, creeping death, or disposable heroes.
I'd rather have The End Of The Line than any of the songs you mentioned, except for Creeping Death and maybe Disposable Heroes.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
While I do like DM and think it's more of a return to form for them, I agree with you about playing less new songs in every set. They can do three or four each night off DM and just rotate the songs from it. I think Life, Line, Nightmare and Judas would be fine for the rest of the tour.
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