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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
While I do like DM and think it's more of a return to form for them, I agree with you about playing less new songs in every set. They can do three or four each night off DM and just rotate the songs from it. I think Life, Line, Nightmare and Judas would be fine for the rest of the tour. They've been together almost 30 years now and they fall into the whole "band who should be playing their best of sets now" territory if you ask me.
We basically agree but I think two songs from Death Magnetic is enough. I like the album, it's better than anything they have done since the Black Album, but I don't love the album like their first five.

They do basically play a best of set every night, the problem is they have so many 'best of' songs that they can't play them all. I think they need to start doing album tours, mixing in other good songs after. So like RTL, mix in Welcome Home, Master of Puppets, One, etc.... at the end. Hell, I'd drop $100 just to see RTL played in it's entirety.
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