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Originally Posted by undergroundrage View Post
They should take out all the new songs, other than All Nightmare Long and That Was Just Your Life. They could add 1 1/2 songs for every new song they took off. Imagine how much better this set list would be? That said, this is already one of the better set lists (outside of the mexico shows) that I have seen from them recently. Anytime I see Fight Fire With Fire I want to be there and that encore
While I do like DM and think it's more of a return to form for them, I agree with you about playing less new songs in every set. They can do three or four each night off DM and just rotate the songs from it. I think Life, Line, Nightmare and Judas would be fine for the rest of the tour. They've been together almost 30 years now and they fall into the whole "band who should be playing their best of sets now" territory if you ask me.

As for Am I Evil? I don't know if it was played in full at this show or not. I didn't read any show details on the web page, I just got the set and that was it. Throughout the 80s and into the mid 90s it was in just about every set. In fact Metallica played it so often live that most fans thought it was their song since Diamond Head was such an obscure band in the US. You'd have to figure that somewhere along the way they use to play it in full. I think it was when they started touring for TBA that the shorter version came along and that's what they've done for the most part since then. I'm sure the full version has popped up here and there in recent years though.

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