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Cannibal Corpse -- Orlando, FL -- April 20th, 2010

NOTE: There is no order to any of these sets because I was just having too good a time to remember the order or even all the songs played! Also, Possible Ozzfest News

Doors were at 7:00 and there were only three bands. When my friend Mark and I got there we saw our friend Jess who was doing the $35 VIP Meet-n-Greet and had one extra. I told my friend Mark to take because I've seen them more, and met them several times. So he did the Meet n Greet, and according to him they were all so down to earth and what not. He said he talked about music with Webster for most the time, and they were willing to sign anything and everything, and photos? Take as many as you want. They gave you the Poster and Limited T-Shirt and for $35, amazing deal.

So the doors open and I run to get my Skeletonwitch shirt, and Cannibal Corpse is STILL out there, and now "everyday" fans are meeting them and they showed no sign of being upset about it. The VIP's got in early, met the band, and got two limited Edition Items, and now everyone else gets the chance to just meet them and say hi. That is class right there.

So the 1st band comes on, and they were decent. Standard Death Metal Out-Fit.

Skeletonwitch were next, and they played a 45 Minute Set which included a small bass cover of "Invaders" by Iron Maiden during the sound check. Amazing. The Witch were as awesome as ever, they blew through the songs with great pace and the place was pretty slamming! It was nice to see this band getting up there and getting more and more attention.

Their Set is as follows (no order... I swear for the most part to this set )
1. Submit To The Suffering
2. Stand Light and Die
3. Strangled by Unseen Hands
4. Crushed Beyond Dust
5. Repulsive Salvation
6. Upon Wings of Black
7. Beyond the Permafrost
8. Baptized in Flames
9. Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery

I left for most of Corpse and hung out with Skeletonwitch and their Merch guy, details on what was said later.

Partial Cannibal Corpse Set (No Order):
1. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
2. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
3. Covered With Sores
4. A Skull Full of Maggots
5. Priests of Sodom
6. Evisceration Plague
7. Make Them Suffer
8. Murder Worship
9. Hammered Smashed Face
10. Stripped Raped and Strangled

Not gonna lie, most the set was older songs from what I could tell.

Alright so talking to the Merch guy I found out something very interesting. According to him, the band had been asked to play Ozzfest this year, but it isn't gonna be a full fledged Ozzfest, he said it would be 10 Days across the Country. Starting in LA and ending in West Palm Beach (like usual). He said the band is thinking of doing it because it would be a lot of exposure to Thousands of People every day, but the problem is that the band isn't gonna be paid very much and "would almost have to self-fund the tour". He said even if they sold what is an "Average amount of Merch", they would maybe break even. So they are debating doing a Big Tour and Break even, or a small tour and make some profit.

They are suppose to continue to tour the rest of the yea,r and sometime early next year begin touring on a Headling Tour. Next Summer they also have plans to do Europe on the Festival Level. (ex. Wacken, Tuska, Bloodstock, ect.)

Overall I suggest you get the $35 VIP ticket because it's just a good deal. Merch:
T-Shirt for All Bands - $20
Skeletonwitch Hoodie - $35
Skeletonwitch Booty Shorts - $15
Skeletonwitch had four new Designs since I last saw them. They have a Baseball Shirt (which they claim is an American Appearl shirt with their logo, VERY SOFT SHIRT!), The tour shirt is Black with Red Artwork of a zombie like creature ripping himself apart and under it says "Gorge Upon My Soul", They have a "Breathing The Fire" shirt with the track listing on the back, and another one which was just odd.

Cannibal Corpse had a Priest of Sodom shirt (VERY very naughty, a lot of Titties and Fucking), and I think one other which was just a bunch of Gore.

All in All, great show, and great Merch!
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