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Amon Amarth -- Chicago, IL -- April 19th, 2010

One of the heaviest bands EVER live is Amon Amarth and they fuckin slayed, it was also really nice to see a bunch of songs they didnt play last time. The opener Holy Grail was pretty much a maiden knock-off band from what i could tell, but they were better then i expected. And Eluveitie was incredible, my 2nd time seeing them and they were just as perfect as before. Truely an amazingly talented band.


1- Nil
2- Thousandfold
3- The Somber Lay
4- Grey Sublime Archon
5- Bloodstained Ground
6- Inis Mona
7- Quoth The Raven
8- Kingdom Come Undone
9- (Do)Minion
10- Tegernako

Amon Amarth:

1. Twilight of The Thunder God
2. Free Will Sacrifice
3. Valkyries Ride
4. Asator
5. Varyags of Miklagaard
6. Dragon's Flight Across The Waves
7. Guardians of Asgaard
8. Under the Northern Star
9. Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags
10. Valhall Awaits Me
11. Death In Fire
12. Runes To My Memory
13. ...And Soon the World Will Cease To Be
14. Live For The Kill
15. Cry of The Black Birds
16. The Pursuit of Vikings
7/18-Iron Maiden
8/9-Summer Slaughter
8/23-Exodus, Malevolent Creation
10/22-Immolation, Vader
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