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Mostly the same as my views, except I was disappointed with both Astbury and Ozzy. I thought the Astbury song was too disjointed, even though I'm a huge Cult fan too, and the Ozzy song was pretty ordinary.

Also, Alter Bridge don't sound at all like Creed and aren't in the influenced by the Christian thing (which was all Scott Stapp - his solo album would kill you). Give them a chance, they're a far better band, and Myles' voice is clearly outstanding. Look out for Myles' solo album later this year too. Should be special.

I didn't like the Adam Levine track either (he's the singer from Maroon 5). Didn't mind the Rocco De Luca one, but yeah, too one-dimensional and doesn't get anywhere. Lemmy was Lemmy. Loved the Stockdale one, Cornell average as you said, love the instrumental, love the Kid Rock track and love the M.Shadows track (even though I too hate Avenged Sevenfold - but not as much as I hate scene kids calling them A7x).

Additionally to your's:

15) Baby Can't Drive (with Alice Cooper & Nicole Scherzinger) - blatantly an Alice Cooper track as the lyrics would fit perfectly on either his 'Eyes of Alice Cooper' or 'Dirty Diamonds' albums, and Scherzinger does a far, far better job of singing a rock song than Fergie. Really surprised by this, and really pleased. Great closer.

Overall I was pleased it's a coherent album that as you said, sounds like Slash (which VR really didn't, especially on 'Libertad'). Really enjoyed the disc overall, and wasn't quite moved to skip any of the songs, even the ordinary ones, so that must be a good thing, right?

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