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Slash - My Track by Track Review

After some slight hesitation, I picked this up over the weekend. My love of Slash as a musician, coupled with some encouragement from this board, rave reviews, and waking up to Slash performing on the George Lopez Show and actually being impressed, all led me to finally pick up his new album. Here are my thoughts, track by track Ė

1) Ghost (with Ian Astbury) Quite possibly my favorite song on this album, great opener. I suppose I could be a bit biased, since Iím a huge fan of The Cult.

2) Crucify the Dead (with Ozzy Osbourne) Not being much of an Ozzy fan these days, I have grown bored of him years ago, this is a decent track. I actually really like it. Itís better than anything Ozzy has done in a long long time. Itís surprisingly catchy.

3) Beautiful Dangerous (with Fergie) So I cringed as I typed her name, so we are already off to a bad start. This isnít the worst song I have heard, it has itís moments, but itís Fergie, and I find it hard to accept that alone. Iím not that into female vocalists to begin with, although there are a few that I really like. If Slash really needed/wanted a pop diva on his album, I would have preferred he chose maybe Pink, although anyone but Fergie would have been better. Did I mention how much I hate Fergie yet? I hate Fergie. All that being said, I donít find myself skipping over this track everytime I listen (although sometimes I do skip it) but I rarely get to the end of it, before I get bored and do skip halfway through it nearly every time. Fergie tries, but still fails. She could give me gold and I still wouldnít like it, because itís well, itís Fergie.

4) Back From Cali (with Myles Kennedy) Now Iím not a fan of Alter Bridge at all, never really listened to them, because they were basically a spin off of Creed, who I also donít care for. And I donít get into Christian Rock at all. I donít care what your beliefs are, but I donít want to hear about it, if I can help it. All that being said, I really like this song. And Iíll go as far to say that I enjoy Myles Kennedyís voice and am happy he was chosen to do the Slash tour. Good song! Reminds me of the first Snakepit album, which I love, so thatís a beautiful thing.

5) Promise (with Chris Cornell) Now I had high expectations for this one, but it sorta bored me. I have always been a fan of Soundgardenís older/heavier stuff. And I love Cornellís voice no matter what he does, but this one just isnít doing it for me at all. I wouldnít know this was even Cornell if I didnít read it on the CD. Itís not bad, but I expected more. His voice is wrong. Iím not sure if this is intentional for the song, or if he has totally blown his voice.

6) By the Sword (with Andrew Stockdale) I love this track. Itís a little slow to start, but has an amazing Led Zeppelin vibe to it. This one could be another favorite for me on here.

7) Gotten (with Adam Levine) Not sure how I feel about this song. I have no idea who Adam Levine is, the track is slow and a little depressing, but I could see me getting really into it if I was in the right mood. So, yeah, Iím going to say I like this one for itís depressing tone.

8) Doctor Alibi (with Lemmy Kilmeister) What can I say about this track! Itís Lemmy! This is a great rocker. Very refreshing after the depressing downer of Gotten just before it. This one is catchy. Itís clearly Lemmyís voice and Slashís guitar. Good stuff!

9) Watch This Dave (with Duff McKagan and Dave Grohl) Great instrumental track. Starts off with a bit of a Velvet Revolver feel to it, only better. Maybe itís because Scott Weiland isnít singing over it and ruining the music. And goes out like a GnR classic from around Use Your Illusion.

10) I Hold On (with Kid Rock) I donít care much for Kid Rock, but this is another favorite of mine from this album. This one could easily be a Tesla song. I could hear Jeff Keith singing this. But Kid Rock does a nice job, and I am impressed and pleased with it.

11) Nothing to Say (with M Shadows) First listen to this one, I was like, Wow! This is great! Then I realized it was the guy from Avenged Sevenfold, a band that I despise. But this song is great. Another suprising favorite of mine on here. Not much else to say about it. I want to criticize it, but itís great. I will add this out of principal. GET YOUR OWN LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am of course referring to the blatant theft of Chaly from Overkill. Grrrrrrrr

12) Starlight (with Myles Kennedy) Again, despite being uninterested in anything Alter Bridge has to offer, I really dig his voice. Another favorite. I love this song. I especially love the vocals on the chorus. Itís the kind of song that gets stuck in your head, or at least for me it does.

13) Saint is a Sinner Too (with Rocco Deluca) I have no idea who Rocco Deluca is, but I donít care to know. This song is boring. I keep waiting for it to kick in, and it doesnít. Boring. Probably my least favorite. I like the Fergie song better, which is a stretch for me. While not unlistenable, this song is a sleeping pill.

14) Weíre All Gonna Die (with Iggy Pop) Cool punk type track. Iím not really into Iggy Pop, but it works, I like it. Itís a fun song.

Closing thoughts, this album is way better than I thought it would be, but not as good as it could have been. It did expose me to some new talent, some of which I really enjoy. And the best part, it sounds like Slash. I know that might sound silly, but sometimes solo efforts sound nothing like the person as you are used to them. Every note of this album, screams Slash and that will keep me listening to this disc over and over again.
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