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Well yeah, nice do have metal shows here indeed Actually we have already had Nargaroth, Rammstein, Cult Of Luna, Amorphis among others in the last few months and Finntroll, Rotting Christ, Weedeater, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse and Therion are next. The Metallica concert was quite awesome with that setlist, 360 degree stage, pyrotechnics, lasers etc., but the support bands (Gojira and Fear Factory, especially the first) had terrible and too weak sound, and Metallica was maybe too polished and "clean"... good choice of songs and good performance and vitality, but without that extra dimension that makes the experience truly magical and w00t-awesome, which Cult Of Luna for example had, although those bands and shows are incomparable by nature.

Fear Factory set was something like this:
??? something from Digimortal i think
Fear Campaign
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