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Pretty much the fans show dtailed below. This show actually happened. A bunch of guys on the J & A message board stumped up the cash and hired the venue. This is what the band came up with...

16 November 2008
New Jersey
01 Summer of Love
02 OD'd On Life Itself
03 Teen Archer
04 Harvester Of Eyes
05 Shooting Shark
06 Me262
07 Joan Crawford
08 Perfect Water
09 Astronomy
10 Buck's Boogie
11 Career of Evil
12 Before The Kiss
13 Unknown Tongue
14 Harvest Moon
15 The Vigil
16 The Red & The Black
17 Golden Age of Leather
18 Veteran of Psychic Wars
19 Beautiful As A Foot
20 I Love The Night
21 Stairway to the Stars
22 Last Days Of May
23 Black Blade
24 Dominance & Submission
25 In Thee (acoustic)
26 Reaper (semi-acoustic)
27 Arthur Comics
28 Hot Rails To Hell

No Godzilla, no Burning For You, no Cities (actually not quite true, they got the first three bars) & an alternative Reaper.

As for my dream set list, all I could add to that lot is maybe Subhuman, Flaming Telepaths, Magma Of Illusion, Fireworks, Hungry Boys, White Flags, Pocket and Stone Of Love. Chop and change as you like.....

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