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Mastodon -- Richmond, VA -- April 18th, 2010

Crionics already beat me to the punch but I figured I'd go ahead and post a short review anyway.

Brent walked right by us before the show and I saw Bill wandering around the city. Pretty cool, I met all the guys and got autographs last year so I didn't bother them this time around.

Valient Thorr was really cool. The music is nothing special but they were good ole fun rock n roll. They interacted with the crowd well and the frontman was really funny. Their beards were sweet. They played (incomplete, I only know title because the frontman announced them):

Tomorrow Police
Red Flag
Double Crossed

BTBAM came on next and I have never been more confused by a band. They obviously have talent and their acoustic, soft stuff was awesome but every time they had a good thing going they would drown it in core bullshit. The core seemed so forced too, I don't know why they don't just stick with the cool avant-garde soft sound they had going on for half the set. Overall, would not want to see them again. They had me genuinely interested a number of times but every time the keyboardist would take his mic out of the stand I knew it was time to put the earplugs back in and pretend the next few minutes didn't exist.

They played:

Desert of Song (I think that's the title)
Disease, Madness, Suffering (Same as above)

Plus 3 others, one of which was from Alaska.

Mastodon was awesome as expected. They came out and did the full CtS which was cool to see again. I really liked the images up on the video screen, I don't remember them being as good on the first leg of the CtS tour. After the first set they played a video of the different CtS artwork on the screen while the guys took a quick break. They came back out and launched into Crusher Destroyer which was really cool. The rest of the set was great, particularly everything from Blood Mountain. O'le Nessie was a huge surprise. I'm not a fan of Remission so after the song ended I had to ask my buddy what the hell it was. It was a cool song though. The other surprise was Capallarian Crest as I don't think they played that one on the opening night of the tour. Blood and Thunder was monstrous and the perfect closer. Me and my friend each got setlists and he got a Brann drumstick.

Oh, and Brent's see-through guitar was the coolest thing ever.

4.The Czar
5.Ghost Of Karelia
6.Crack The Skye
7.The Last Baron
8.Crusher Destroyer
9. Crystal Skull
10. I Am Ahab
11. Capillarian Crest
12. Ole Nessie
13. Circle Of Cysquatch
14. Aqua Dementia
15. Iron Tusk
16. March of the Fire Ants
17. Blood and Thunder

They had a lot of great shirts but only one with dates. I got a green shirt with trippy purple writing that says Mastodon State Park Atlanta, Georgia and has a picture of a Mastodon. They also had posters with dates and some LP's.

Shirts $20
Tour shirt $25
Poster $15
CtS LP $20
Limited Remission and BM LP $50
Vinyl box set $300

Plus they had a flask, wallet, drink koozie, and other trinkets.
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