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Clutch -- Springfield, MO -- April 17th, 2010

Wow this is now #6 time to see Clutch and yet again they outdid themselves from the time before. I will start with the bad news and then segway into the good.

Opening band was Caverns. They were kind of odd is how I would describe them. No vocals at all either, they just kind of jammed out for like 20-30 minutes. They weren't god awful horrible but just not really my thing nor was it really anyone else's. They actually did not have a bass player at all. Just guitar, drums, & oddly enough a keyboard player. Now I will get alot more negative....

Goddamn Danko Jones. What type of people enjoy this crap? I mean really? At first I tolerated them because they were too much of a joke to take seriously. Then sadly enough he kept talking and then I just got pissed. He started naming off deceased musicians and the crowd would clap and stuff like that, I'm sure everybody knows how a frontman will do that to get the crowd goin. Naming off guys such as: Cliff Burton, Dimebag, Eric Carr (lol it was funny b/c he said that name and got nothing, then said "Eric Carr from Kiss" then people clapped. Dumbass people!!!) Peter Steele, James Brown (?!?), & Johnny Cash among others. Thats when I decided I would actually have my back turned while they were playin. If you have to use deceased musicians to get your biggest applause of the night what you're doin probably isn't working. If I had to describe the band, Danko actually looked like a cracked out Usher (yea I used it on metalsetlists, my apologies...) their bass player looked like a strung out Chris Cornell circa 1992, & their drummer looked kind of like a rough Larry Bird in the face. I have a new hatred for them that I used to have reserved for Emmure & Shinedown among others I can't think of right now. Now onto GOOD NEWS!!!

Dragonfly ----> Jam
Child Of The City
Gravel Road
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Struck Down
Texan Book Of The Dead
Spacegrass HAHA Bitches 2nd Time In A Row Getting This!!!!!
Pure Rock Fury
Devil & Me
Elephant Riders
Burning Beard
Electric Worry
One Eyed Dollar
Escape From The Prison Planet

This was probably the best Clutch set I have seen in the 6 times I've seen them. My only shock is absolutely nothing off of Blast Tyrant, probably my favorite album. But really am I going to complain after this set? Hell NO!!!! After all this time I finally got Pure Rock Fury and I sure as hell enjoyed myself during that time. And this is now twice in a row I've got Spacegrass. How I will love the jealously from those who haven't got to see that song yet lol. We had a crowd surfer that got tossed over the rail and landed hard. After the song it prompted Neil to give a PSA that "if you crowd surf and fall it's your own damn fault" good stuff. Some bitch actually threw a beer at Neil, and all in one motion with his arm already up gave that guy the finger and went on like nothing happened. Very classy. How Danko can play and have nothing thrown at him but Clutch does I don't even know what to say about that. I'm not sure if I've seen a drummer that hits harder than Jean-Paul. That guy is an absolute beast, I don't have enough words to describe him. All I can say about Clutch's performance is wow. Thank for reading. Overkill is now only a week away!!!!!!!!!!

Pics I Got:
6/19 - American Head Charge
7/23 - Kiss
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