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Originally Posted by SuFfoLkPriDe View Post
I disagree. The singer was a maniac, and fronted a really entertaining show. The guy was going for something different, and it works, it made them stand out. His vocals were really powerful. What ruined for me it was the drummer, he just couldn't seem to get it together until the end, and it brought down the performance.
Death Becomes Her was generic I agree. Nothing different there.
Facing the Sun was impressive. The frontman really knows what he's doing, and as a unit the band has it together. They were easily the best local band at the show. The lead guitarist, I agree was really good.
Lazarous A.D. was kickass. They played Revolution, so I left really happy that night. Jeff is a funny guy, had no idea they were from Wisconsin. Convinced me to get another beer with his speech.
Now, Kataklylsm. I've waited years to see these guys, and they were having a great night. There set seemed short, but for guys who have been playing 20 years, you couldn't ask for more.
I'm really glad I went. The Crazy Donkey is the best place in Suffolk to catch a show, and not a bad place to hang out on a Friday night.
he was deff a maniac, looked gay though haha. didn't really notice anything about the drummer; dont know their music that well. are you going to Corpse on the 25th? apparently they got added onto the bill too.
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