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I did both like the 2008 set and Burnt Offerings. Meeting the guys in IE after the show was a dream come true for me. It's cool to know that I am actually taller than Matt Barlow. HAHA!

TO me The 2008 setlist was good but it could have had so much more. I was one of the crowds that didn't get I Walk Alone in the set which made me a sad panda. But if they could have added A Question Of Heaven, Violate, or the other two songs in the OSmething Wicked Trilogy, I would have loved it that much more.

As for Burnt Offerings, it was the first album that I really got into IE. I had bought The Glorious Burden before Burnt Offerings but I was advised to check out Matt Barlow on vocals, and I'm happy I did.

I have also gotten to talk to the drummer of Burnt Offerings, Rodney Beasley and I've personally told him that the song, Diary is what got me into the band and into Thrash/Power Metal double bass drumming.
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