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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Nice. I'm in the minority that didn't hate the '08 US setlist though. I enjoyed getting to see 2/3 of Gettysburg, Watching Over Me, Come What May, and Setian Massacre, all of which are absent from this set.
I with you on that one. I too, liked the '08 setlist myself. Sure I would have liked certain songs, but I wouldn't want any other song taken out though.

The chances of hearing anything from Burnt Offerings will be slim. For one, Jon, doesn't like that album to much. I heard this in an interview that was a bonus disc for 'Horror Show.' I will agree that Burnt Offerings is a bit overrated. The only songs I do like are Burnt Offerings, Last December and Dantes Inferno(Yes I am one of those who cream over that song...sorry)
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