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I think The Dark Saga is a very solid album through and through. The only song I'm not big on (but still don't think it sucks) is Depths of Hell. Anyway... I consider their set from the South American tour good if only for the fact that A Question of Heaven was part of it. There's nothing quite like witnessing that one live.

And Maiden33 -- I'm with you; I think Burnt Offerings is incredibly overrated. It's a decent album but I don't understand why it's so loved. Besides Dante's Inferno, I don't find anything about the album to be special. And even then, I don't ejaculate all over Dante's Inferno like some do. Yeah, it's a good song, but there are many other IE songs I'd rather listen to.

And although I think Matt's performance on Pyramaze's "Immortal" is amazing (as is the album as a whole), I was and am happy to see him back in Iced Earth. I just wish he would've stayed in Pyramaze also. Afterall, they don't even tour. They do one-off shows here and there, which he probably could've handled.

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