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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The standout tracks on Dark Saga are The Hunter, The Last Laugh, Vengence Is Mine, Scarred, Slave To The Dark and A Question Of Heaven. The title track and the equally as bad I Died For You don't have shit on those songs as far as i'm conserned.

Also, I'm partial to Burnt Offerings because it was my first IE album and you tend to hold albums that get you into a particular band in higher esteem than someone else might because of that.

Hopefully Schaffer can come up with something more original for their new stuff. I liked the last two albums but i've had enough of the Something Wicked story. It's time for him to move onto something new in his songwritting.
For me the highlights of The Dark Saga have always been the first four songs and A Question of Heaven, and I like Vengeance is Mine. I have virtually no interest in ever listening to the rest of that album again.

Iced Earth have joined the ranks of bands like Hammerfall for me. I will still enjoy their "classic" work because of what it means to my personal history and musical development, and in many cases I would still pay money to see them - but I don't particularly care much about their future studio work, and they could break up tomorrow and I wouldn't be upset whatsoever.

Also, I will forever have a grudge against Iced Earth since Matt Barlow's vocal potential was fully realized with Pyramaze's masterpiece "Immortal", and he abandoned that to go back to a mediocre band whose glory days are ten years behind them.
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