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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
You've GOTTA be kidding me. Dark Saga and I Died For You are 2 of the only 5 songs on that album that aren't completely forgetable - not to mention Schaffer is notorious for writing albums with like 5 filler tracks apiece. Over time I've realized there are actually more Iced Earth songs I don't like than I do, and these two are both definitely ones I do.

Edit: And Schaffer's side project, music aside, is just ridiculous. I hate preachy music, no matter what it's preaching about. Pro-religion? Anti-religion? liberal? Conservative? Pro-War? Anti-War? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CONCENTRATE ON MAKING MUSIC. /Rant over.
I died for you and dark saga never appealed to me and are my least favorite IE songs. I think the Sons Of Liberty(Schaffers side project) album would of sounded better if he did it with IE.
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