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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
I think somebands can scream and growl well but other screamers and growlers are talentless and awful and put nothing into it at all.
I don't dig that vocal style myself but you really don't have to keep on mentioning that you don't like it. This is why people make fun of you all the time here. You keep saying the same stuff like this and it gets annoying and you open yourself up to getting flamed.

While I don't like the growling or screaming it does take some talent to do it right. Most growlers have to at least learn the basics on how to do it so they don't fuck up their voice. The same thing melodic singers do. They may not have the vocal training or range of a Dickinson, Halford or Dio but they still gotta put some effort in to it in order to pull it off at all.
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