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Originally Posted by youngandaspiring View Post
My point of view is clear - it takes a lot more skill and time to become a fine singer than it does to become a 'fine' growler, a point that you seemingly agree with.
i disagree, but i see why you think that way.

nowadays it seems like everyone and their mother believe they could be a vocalist for a death metal band, which leaves a lot of crap and lack of talent. i do love a lot of bands that would seem hypocritical to what i'm trying to explain but that is beside the point.

but i believe that for anyone who really could possess the talent to be a "fine" growler actually has a more daunting task ahead of them than someone who had the talent or skills to be come a "fine" singer.

this is because it is a territory that has no formal training or techniques, which makes it very dangerous. you could ask a great deal of extreme vocalists "DUDE HOW DO YOU SOUND LIKE THAT OHMAGAWD" and they'll say something that will most likely boil down to "i don't really know it just fell into place one day." this is dangerous because many people could severely harm their throats and/or completely embarrass themselves because it just sounds awful.

as compared to a more "traditional" vocal style, these techniques have been around much longer and there are more ways to be taught how to achieve this talent.

i'm not saying i think of this style any less, i know for me i could probably never be as talented as bruce dickinson or whatever, and i love these genres just as much. but i believe that if you think of the extreme style in this way it will help you understand my point of view, if not agree with it.
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