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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Alright, I've got to address this. That is a HUGE misconception as there is a very clear difference between good death/black vocals and bad ones. Please, I challenge you to make a death metal recording and send it to me and I'll pick apart why I wouldn't listen to you if you were in a death metal band. Even people who don't like extreme vocals can admit that there's talent behind them, and they're certainly an aesthetic choice and not an excuse for not being able to sing. The ones who do it poorly suck, no differently than someone who constantly sings out of key would suck in a power metal band.
Firstly, as professional musicians (which I am not), there's a certain obligation towards sounding good. Clearly you wouldn't listen to a Death Metal album by me because I'm not a Metal musician. I'm merely critiquing professional musicians, who as musicians, should acknowledge constructive criticism.

I can admit that growling does take some measure of talent. Many of my favourite albums have harsh vocals that do a fine job of flowing with the music. However, don't try to tell me or anyone versed in music that growling takes anywhere near the amount of talent that a singer must strive for. Saying that a vocalist like Chuck Schuldiner is on par with someone like Daniel Gildenlow, Rob Halford etc. is a very bold statement that is wrong in my eyes.

Point is, it's much harder to be good singer than it is to be a good growler. If you like growling, then that's a musical opinion - but the musical truth is that Pavarotti > the guy from Amon Amarth at vocalizing. Could Pavarotti growl? Maybe. Could Quorthon sing Nessun Dorma? Unlikely.

And on that topic, the most talented Metal vocalist of all time:
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