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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
I don't dislike deathcore for the whole "metal credibility" thing. Christ, Trivium are one of my favorite bands, and for the longest time they were one of the most hated bands in metal.

All in all, I just find deathcore, and any music that relies soley on breakdowns, to be LAME.
ah alright then. it's cuz i noticed a lot of metalheads always feel so guilty for liking a metal band that's hated a lot, and feel that they lose metal credibility if they do. but yeah i like Trivium a lot too, i really don't care that they're hated by many and considered not true metal.

yeah but not all deathcore RELY on breakdowns. a breakdown is good every now and then but when it's a constant breakdown like Emmure then it's pretty awful. i think Whitechapel does a good job on not overdoing the breakdown except for a few songs. the new song being an example of overdoing breakdowns.
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