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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
ehh it's not that bad.
I beg to differ. Their last album was pretty shit as well, aside from 2-3 fairly good songs. I feel they really have the potential to do great things, but as of now they're wasting their time with writing songs that make the Village People seem straight.

And on the topic of wasted potential, and I don't care how much hate I might get, I honestly feel that Whitechapel would be a decent band if it weren't for the god-awful breakdowns. I can't lie, I genuinely like some of the non-core parts in their songs, but they keep managing to kill any sort of joy I have listening to them with the breakdowns.

Also, as we all know, their fans are, for the most part, gaytarded, which I believe hurts their reputation more than anything in the metal community, and that goes for other decent/potentionally good deathcore bands as well.
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