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Lazarus was not scheduled to play last night. Their name came off the Rave's website earlier in the week. I know someone who talked to their singer, Jeff, and he said they were not playing that show.

Evile had sound problems before they got started as well. The singer's mic wasn't working, so they were trying to sort that out for some time. The other guitar player would occasionally start a riff, and he and the drummer goofed around a bit. Eventually, the bass player undid his mike and gave it to the singer. I was not familiar with Evile before the show, so I don't know if I missed any of the other songs, but they also played Infected Nation and We Who Are About to Die. The singer was impressed with the crowd, as there was a pretty good pit going during their set. I really liked them, so I picked up a CD.

Warbringer, said they have friends in the area who let them stay at their house when they are in Milwaukee. They played Senseless Life as a special request for them, coming just before Combat Shock. Those guys also had supplied them with a cheesehat, which the singer put on at the start of the second song. After it was over, he made a comment to the effect of, "you guys like that one, or you just really like songs that start with cheesehats."
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