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Overkill -- Milwaukee, WI -- April 10th, 2010

I got off work at 5, arrived at the Rave basement around 5:45 and was disappointed to see that Evile were already playing. Lazarus A.D. were scheduled to play the show, and I assume they didn't since I came in half way through Evile's set, and it was later confirmed that, for whatever reason, they did not play the show. These are the songs I saw

Time No More
Enter The Grave

Next were Warbringer, I don't know their setlist but they were really really good, I hope to seem them again.

God Dethroned were next, it took them a while to set up, one of the monitors wasn't working or something, which was problem for the rest of the night, I'll elaborate later. But yeah, they were pretty good, I enjoyed them. Anyways, I'm not 100% on the setlist, but I know they played these songs...

Soul Sweeper
Under a Darkening Sky
No Man's Land
Poison Fog
Villa Vampiria

Vader took a long time to soundcheck, Peter's guitar or something wasn't working so after 10 or 15 minutes they used some new cables and that seemed to fix it, but they had to cut their set, they still kicked ass though...

This Is The War
Rise Of The Undead
Crucified Ones

Finally Overkill. They also had problems during the soundcheck, this time with the monitors. Anyways, they fixed it and played a great show. HIM was playing in the same venue, upstairs, so Bobby referenced that a few times. Unfortunately, there was some drunk asshole by me pushing people off the rail, so a couple awesome people threw him down and stomped on him. He was carried off and it was badass. He came back and this time they just threw him over the rail, and when he walked away, he was so drunk he accidentally walked up the stage instead of back into the crowd. But yeah, this probably the best show I've seen, they played for an hour and a half, which is a nice change from the usual 70 minute "headline" sets I've been seeing the past year.

The Green And Black
Rotten To The Core
Wrecking Crew
The Battle
Hello From The Gutter
Feel The Fire
Bare Bones
Gasoline Dream
Bring Me The Night
Old School
Fuck You/Overkill (Motorhead)
11/18 - Nik Turner
11/20 - Mayhem/Rotting Christ
11/27 - King Diamond
12/9 - Steve Hackett

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