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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
i'm 18 almost 19. and no just that i've been going to good parties and kickbacks recently where a lot of girls and dancing are involved. i used to not like dancing AT ALL but it's fun when you really get into it. and i just realized when i'm in the situations like that i really like that type of music.

and i really did think jersey shore was a good. sure they're tools but i'm sure they have much more fun than anyone on this board. plus it's funny to watch how retarted they are sometimes.
a guy i work with is actually like best friends with mike "the situation" and says that the guys job is just to go show up at parties and ride around in limos with a bunch of girls. when your primary occupation is getting paid to party, i think its safe to say that they have more fun.

plus, i like the stuff youre talking about too, its got its time and place. when i first was getting into metal i was trying to be all "brootal" and shit, but then i realized all that your image doesnt mean shit if you know your music. i could post a picture of myself from a few nights ago and probably be called a "tool" or w/e, but i still know my metal.

also, im from jersey so this type of social behavior is probably more acceptable than places like... kansas, where youd have to drive 10 hours just to see an decent concert.

i should also point out my avatar/user title is a fucking unit from starcraft, so add that to the pile and you see stereotypes are just a bunch of bullshit.

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