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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Fun is subjective. I have a lot of fun reading comic books and listening to metal, am I having less fun than if I was getting loaded, spiking my hair, and fist-pumping? No, because that would not be fun for me at all.

I'm a little curious as to why you're on a metal forum full of metal nerds if this is your attitude. You're right, we're a bunch of fucking losers if it helps you sleep at night, but you're also taking time out of your day to log onto the Internet and (ostensibly) talk about metal with strangers, so nice try, but I'm not buying it.

Also, it's "retarded" not "retarted." If one were to retart something it would be practically inedible.
you make a very good point about fun. all of us have different opinions on it. my mistake it was an ignorant statement.

and i'm not calling anyone a loser, i'm just stating i think it's funny how i get flamed every time i post something that most metalheads would disagree with. like an example is how i'm a big Suicide Silence fan or other metal bands people may hate. it'd be nice for people to accept it, but instead i get flamed and get called retarded for having a different opinion on something most metalheads disagree with. it's called an opinion, our opinion isn't a fact.

and i go on this board because i love discussing metal and i don't hang out with anyone who loves metal as much as me and likes to discuss it. plus people are mature here unlike other boards.
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