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Great Review. For years, I was really looking forward to this tour happening, although I had always envisioned it with the lineup on the record, so needless to say, I was very disappointed that was not going to be the case. Beethoven's Last Night is a masterpiece. I truly love that album. That being said, I'm not really a fan of TSO in general. As long as their is a TSO, there will never be a Savatage again. It frustrates and angers me to no end that my favorite band essentially died twice. First with Criss Oliva, then with TSO. Not to mention I don't really approve of them using images of his guitar in a snowglobe, covering Believe, etc. I have been front row, watching Jon with tears in his eyes, belting out so much emotion during this song, I have laughed and cried with Jon over his brothers memory, I have been to Criss Oliva's grave, and no one should be singing this song other than Jon Oliva, end of story. In a way one could say that it's cool that Criss is being represented and remembered, but seriously, how many people in a typical TSO crowd (besides a handful of Savatage fans) even cares/knows who Criss Oliva is? I highly doubt the soccer mom in the 3rd row is running out to buy Gutter Ballet or Hall of the Mountain King. Now on the positive, I am happy that TSO is a great source of income for Jon and the other Savatage members. Hell, after all they have been through, they deserve it! Sorry for my TSO rant, back to topic at hand, glad you enjoyed the show. Had I gone, and if I wasn't so jaded, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it too!
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