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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I would also like to give major props to the tall guy behind me in the Primordial shirt who tried to keep me from getting destroyed by crowdsurfers falling on me while I was headbanging, and who bought me water after Moonsorrow got off stage. He was awesome.
I would like to give props to the nice short bald dude behind me who gave me his Finntroll pick. What a sweetheart!

Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
5'3" represent!
I'm a giant at 5'4" and how nice it is that there's another chick on here

Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
Haha, I've been front row center for prog & power metal shows before, but shows like this? I've never been that close before. And actually, I think I'd like to do it again.
Join us! Jooiiiiiin uuusssssss!
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.
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