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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Mine too. I love Folk shows up here, because there's such little for the typical -core crowd to go for (though there was that one guy in a Born of Osiris shirt that kept stage diving), so there's practically no egos and it's just one big party. God, that was fun. I always surprise myself at shows like this, cause I'm so small but I always seem able to hold my spot once I've gotten it.
Stage diver dude was fine. It was the 200+ lb dude that landed on me that I wasn't so sure about . I have to admit, though, big dudes crowd surfing amuse me to no end. And seconded on the short thing - I think we're the same pathetic height.

Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Thanks! Fixed it. I had to guess at two songs, since they don't have songs titled Boingo or Kunmitus, but I'm not surprised (I have a cardboard setlist from a NYC show they did a few years ago that someone sent me because they didn't want it, and two of the songs are labeled Pizza and Shakira).
I knew Boingo sounded wrong! Like I told you earlier in the night, though, I had nothing beyond recognition for any of the bands. I just love going to Folk Metal shows, and last night was a prime example of why!

Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
but considering this is the first time I've been in something like THAT, I think I did pretty well given the circumstances...
I don't think there's anything quite like THAT anywhere else. And you'll join the "front row heroes," as my friend tends to call us, when you're ready... or suicidal... whichever comes first .

Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
Also, what a perfect show to sell inflatable weapons at...
Win on the weapons and dragon. Vreth getting stabbed by the battle sword twice was hilarious. Even the rttp guy got in on the sword action.

...this is awesome. I haven't been buzzing about a show like this for a while. Viva la folk metal!
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