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Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
JuuKun DOES exist! And he's totally a badass, btw - staying up front the whole time with the typical psychotic folk metal crowd. Seriously - the folk metal fans are my favorites of the New England fans.
Mine too. I love Folk shows up here, because there's such little for the typical -core crowd to go for (though there was that one guy in a Born of Osiris shirt that kept stage diving), so there's practically no egos and it's just one big party. God, that was fun. I always surprise myself at shows like this, cause I'm so small but I always seem able to hold my spot once I've gotten it.

A few corrections to your Finntroll order ('cause my blonde friend kind of... erm... stole one of the lists before the set ).
Thanks! Fixed it. I had to guess at two songs, since they don't have songs titled Boingo or Kunmitus, but I'm not surprised (I have a cardboard setlist from a NYC show they did a few years ago that someone sent me because they didn't want it, and two of the songs are labeled Pizza and Shakira). Posters on the Finntroll board said that Boingo was Den Frusna Munnen, and that Kunmitus was the working title for Under Bergets Rot. So I put those in there.

Can't believe I forgot Nedgang opened, though, because I was pleased, as it's my favorite Finntroll song.

I know I was exhausted by the time they came on. Holy shit. It was so awesome to see Moonsorrow get that type of reaction, I don't think the crowd was half as responsive as Paganfest last year. The sound for them was also so much better than it was at Paganfest.

I have to admit, I laughed at the guy behind me before Moonsorrow came on. Him and his friend were discussing songs they'd like to see Opeth play, and his friend mentioned Black Rose Immortal, and he responded along the lines of "Dude, it's 20 minutes long. You don't go and see a band play a 20 minute long song live. *looks towards the stage* Wonder if they'll play Tulimyrsky..." (Which is, of course, a 30 minute long song.)

I think they played about 2/3rs of Tulimyrsky, but I might be wrong. I know they didn't play the whole song, but it felt like most of it.
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