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Since I know people want the set, I checked the AA forum. It's completely out of order, and sorted instead by album, but they said:

-Twilight of the Thunder God
-Free Will Sacrifice
-Guardians of Asgaard
-Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
-Live for the Kill

-Valhall Awaits Me
-Runes to my Memory
-Cry of the Blackbirds
-Under the Northern Star

From FON:
-Pursuit of Vikings
-Valkyries Ride

From VTW:
-Death in Fire
-And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

-The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves

Absolutely nothing from The Avenger or The Crusher, which is sad. Cool to see Dragons' Flight in there. I've seen AA four times already, but this is a decent enough set (I think I count six songs I haven't seen), plus with the good support, that if this was coming to Worcester NOT as a part of NEMHF I'd probably go.

I still feel like they'll never top the set they did in Winter 08. The Sound of Eight Hooves, Hermod's Ride to Hel, Thousand Years of Oppression, Down the Slopes of Death, Bleed for Ancient Gods, Ancient Sign of Coming Storm, plus all the staples. It was godly
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