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Amon Amarth -- Hollywood, CA -- April 8th, 2010

One of the most fun shows I've ever been too. Met a bunch of new people, saw bands I'd never seen before and have been wanting to see for a long time, and just overall had a really fun time.

The venue was the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Doors opened at 7 PM and Holy Grail went on around 8 PM and played their set.

They were really talented and very into their music. My friends weren't so into it though, so I mostly chilled with them in the back and talked. They seemed like they really wanted to be Iron Maiden, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but their influence taken from Maiden was very obvious. The guitarists were really versatile in their solos and riffs and the vocalist had a really wide range.

Eluveitie went on next. At first I was headbanging outside of the pit, but before I knew it, I was right in the middle of a massive pit! This was my first time seeing Eluveitie, and the first time hearing their music other than a few samples from iTunes and Youtube. They impressed me a lot! It takes a lot of precision, coordination, and effort, to have nine instruments present at the exact same time without it sounding horrible. The pit was very rough, yet somehow enjoyable and friendly. I will definetely see Eluveitie when they come again.

Me and two friends walked over to a mini mart near the venue, and missed the first song of Amon Amarth's set; I though we had more time. They were just fucking amazing. They had a bassist filling in because their permanent bassist had just become a father. They all played amazing and it sounded just like the album's quality. Running on two and a half hour's sleep, me and my friend relaxed at the bar for most of the set, still headbanging, but incredibly tired. Hopefully next time I see Amon Amarth I have a lot more energy! The pit looked insane.

I would have bought merchandise from the bands, but it was $25 for a single t-shirt! I've noticed that House of Blues adds at least $10 to the price of t-shirts, because I've never seen a shirt sold there for under $25, and I've been to the House of Blues many times.

This concert was on the same day as the Revolver Golden Gods, which was great, because now all the people who would be going to that show would not even consider ruining this awesome show! If you have any doubts about going to this show, fucking go!!!! It's an amazing lineup and every band puts on a stellar show!
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