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The first set was amazing; the entire Blackwater Park album start-to-finish, no banter from Mikael in between songs. "The Funeral Portrait" and "Blackwater Park" (the song) were the highlights for me from the first set. "Bleak" and "The Drapery Falls" also went over especially well with the crowd, as those songs usually do.

The second set was like a normal Opeth gig in and of itself, and it was just as good (if not better) than the first set. Me personally, I would have chosen different songs from Deliverance ("A Fair Judgement" or "By The Pain I See In Others") and Watershed ("Hex Omega"). But I can understand why "Wreath" and "The Lotus Eater" were chosen instead, so no complaints here. I was really looking forward to hearing "Harlequin Forest". Alas, I was disappointed that the song didn't come off quite as well live as I had hoped. Still awesome to hear it though.

I thought the sound was outstanding for both sets. But the venue (Terminal 5) doesn't have the greatest reputation for sound. So to others that complained about the sound, it was probably the venue's fault. I guess I managed to find the sweet spot. I did have my earplugs in though, so maybe that improved the sound for me.

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