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Clutch -- Columbus, OH -- April 3rd, 2010

Venue - Newport Music Hall
Openers - Caverns, Danko Jones
Source - Me, myself and I

Note:I didn't show up till Danko Jones was almost done so I have no setlist for them or Caverns.

Before I get into my thoughts I honestly think there were two reasons it wasn't completely packed. First being a holiday weekend and the HOF/Priestess/Black Cobra/ Bison BC show down the road at Skully's. It's very possible had HOF/Priestess/Black Cobra/Bison BC opened for Clutch the show would have sold out.

I'm glad I showed up when Danko Jones was leaving. Lead singer: "All right this is our last song and next up is Clutch the band everyone came to see." Multiple people in the crowd:" Get off the fucking stage you suck!"

Picked up two shirts one charcoal with the crawling guy and the radio tower and the other black with the creature with Abe Lincoln's head on the front.

Great show and I finally heard "Spacegrass" live again since the Orange 9mm/Fu Manchu back in '96. I really have new fondness for "Freakanomics", Amazing Kreskin" and "Let a Poor Man Be" after hearing them live for the first time. Especially, Kreskin that slow at the end is nuts! I got to finally hear "Dragonfly" extended go straight into "Child of the City". The crowd and me really love hearing "Spacegrass" and "Rock n Roll Outlaw". Neil thanked Columbus for being so good to them all these years (they have been playing the Newport since '94). The band was really on fire tonight Neil had tons of energy, Tim was playing the great riffs, Dan really doesn't move much but he was right on point with JP. Jean Paul he was awesome half the time when I go to a show I find myself just watching the man play the skins a true master!

Slow Hole to China
50k Unstoppable Watts
Let a Poor Man Be
Abraham Lincoln
Amazing Kreskin
Profits of Doom
Mob Goes Wild
The Regulator
Rock and Roll Outlaw
Dragonfly extended
Child of the City
Ship of Gold
Burning Beard
Pure Rock Fury

Gravel Road
Big News I
Big News II

If you want to see live video footage check out below

They come from bebauz on the Clutch message board



50,000 Unstoppable Watts

Abraham Lincoln

Let a Poor Man Be

Amazing Kreskin

Profits of Doom

The Mob Goes Wild

Rock & Roll Outlaw


Dragonfly/Child Of The City

Pure Rock Fury

Gravel Road/Big News I/Big News II: part 1

Big News II Part II
Camera Dies during this one, sorry

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