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Katatonia -- Munich, Germany -- April 6th, 2010

It was a pretty good show. Unfortunately the show was more or less sold out and therefore it was way too crowded. Anyway, LONG DISTANCE CALLING was the only support band as SWALLOW THE SUN had started their US-tour in the meantime. Therefore LDC played for approximately 50-60 minutes. They were quite enjoyable, and I guess I will go out and buy a couple of their albums next week.

KATATONIA made a few changes to their set recently which resulted in the band playing only 18 instead of 19 songs. It was a great setlist but I missed "Tonight's Music" nonetheless, because it was one of the songs I was looking forward to the most.


01. Forsaker
02. Liberation
03. My Twin
04. Onward Into Battle
05. Complicity
06. The Longest Year
07. Omerta
08. Teargas
09. Saw You Drown
10. Idle Blood
11. Ghost Of The Sun
12. Evidence
13. July
14. Criminals
15. Day And Then The Shade
16. For My Demons
17. Dispossession
18. Leaders
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