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Amon Amarth, your top 10 wishes...

...for the upcoming North American tour ... it's starts thursday !

list the ten songs you feel the more like hearing on this tour :

I'll start

1. Versus The World (my favourite)
2. Thousand Years Of Oppression (their HBTN)
3. Gods Of War Arise (never had it live)
4. The Sound Of Eight Hooves (Fred's drumming on that + the hole vibe of this song makes me go ape each time)
5. Fate Of Norns (classic ! epic)
6. With Oden On Our Side
7. Amon Amarth (ideally with the viking battle in the middle part :p )
8. Pursuit Of Vikings (works soo great live)
9. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard (I could have pick almost everything on VTW, what a classic album )
10. Victorious March ( as a set closer is always fun)

have a great AA tour Metalsetlist,make your lists & who goes where ?

I'll be in Montreal on the 22 nd

Cheers !
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