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Statius -- Canoga Park, CA -- April 3rd, 2010

Awesome show at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, CA. No complete setlists, this is mostly a review.

This show was a Battle of the Bands event, and the winning band, whom would be decided by a judge, would be given a slot on Day 1 of the California Metalfest.

As me and my friend arrived at the venue, we were shocked as we saw the amount of 13-year old douchebag skater scenecore kids. The first two bands were exactly that, made me sick. All of those kids were trying to hardcore dance, and most of them looked like total retards. Don't get me wrong, hardcore dancing already is retarded, and if you're failing to do it, you're super retarded. We realized just as soon as the next band began their set that it was only going to be more of the same, so we went outside to talk with some people.

We went inside hoping the next band would be at least bearable. They were, and I got into them a little, but at my friend's request, we went back outside. They were a blend of hard rock and heavy metal, their riffs paying a quite visible homage to Iron Maiden. They seemed to be up there to have fun more than anything else, and I give them credit for playing something totally different to a crowd of close-minded scene kids. Unfortunately for this band, who's name slips my memory, they did not get much of a crowd response. Talking to the bassist after their set they seemed like really nice people, even though they were Christian

Fucking Desecrate went on next. Holy shit they were amazing. After their set it was clear that they were winning so far. They played awesome thrash metal that made you want to headbang till your head falls off. They had wireless guitars and bass so they would go into the audience and in the middle of the pit and rock out. They closed their planned set with a cover of Battery by Metallica, which was awesome. The lights came on, but everybody kept fiercefully chanting DESECRATE-DESECRATE-DESECRATE. so they ended up coming back on and asking what song the crowd wanted to hear. They played Overpowered, which is an awesome way to end a great set.

This next band is just insane, not in a good or bad way. Their name slips my memory as well. The bassist has a crazy hair style and is wearing odd clothing, the guitarist is wearing a lab coat and his face is painted to look like the joker. The lead singer has on a mask, ripped jeans to the point almost unwearable, a t-shirt not even reaching his belly, which is also ripped to shreds, and he also has an insane overcoat. He starts off the set by taking this long and powerful metal chain, and slams it on the ground, and as soon as the first song starts, he sprints into the pit, and pushes forcefully everyone who'se not moshing, as well as those who are moshing. At one point he took a rope and hit my friend with it, which, if it had happened to me, totally would've made me hate the band, but nevertheless my friend still enjoyed it. They're going to get sued one day when they actually injure somebody.

It was nearing 10:50 when Statius went on. Melodic death metal with keyboards and a lot of folk and death influences. I had to leave the venue at 11:00 because I had to get to my uncles no later than 11:30, long story short. Despite that, the first three songs that I did get to see from Statius were amazing, almost everybody, hold the few scenesters who decided to stick around, were involved in a circle pit, to the point that nobody remained standing in the front row. Everyone was into it, and had a great time. I was so pissed that I had to leave, but there was nothing I could do about it. My friend decided to stay and to take a cab home. He text messaged me saying that Statius ended up winning the battle of the bands! They deserved it, and you should really check these guys out, they're awesome. Link to their Myspace

If you are going to the California Metalfest, be sure to get there early on Day 1 to see these guys play! Otherwise, still do check out their music and show some support for underground metal!

I ended up going skiing the next day on only 3 hours sleep, note to self: don't go skiing after so little sleep and a night of awesome metal! I was incredibly sore and tired the entire day!
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