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Overkill -- Montréal, Québec -- April 5th, 2010

At foufs fuck! I saw Evile with Kreator a month ago and I wasnt pleased with what I saw and again tonight I did not enjoy them that much.


Infected Nation
We who are about to die
Time no More
Enter the Grave

Warbringer was the reason I was there. Me and my friend have seen them before twice and their drummer was not able to cross the borders. Still last night their drummer was missing so they got a replacement from Texas Hate Machine or something like that anyway their set got cut short.


Living in a Whirldwind
Severed Reality
(adam carrol get on the drums so there is only one guitar now)
Total War
Combat Shock

We met up with John Kevil and talked for 5 minutes, great fucking guy and he promised that the may 1st show was gonna be amazing. We didnt get to see God Dethroned because we were waiting for one of our friends to show up but he never did.

It took a long time for Vader to come on but they impressed me so much. I didnt know there stuff but I know they played Solstice and Impure

Overkill, Foufs is a small place... a really fucking small place and it was PACKED! amazing show they changed their set a bit from the other nights I saw written on here.


The Green and Black
Rotten to the Core
Wrecking Crew
The Battle
Hello from the Gutter
Feel the Fire
Bare Bones
Gasoline Dream
Bring me the night
In union we stand
Fuck you/Sonic Reducer
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