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The show was overall pretty sick. Kataklysm and Lazarus AD destroyed (as usual). I'm a little upset Kataklysm's set got cut off short though.

my quick review of the locals:

I was very surprised with the first local band 'Carcinogen'. I figured they were going to be another metalcore/deathcore band, but their music really blew me away. They have a lot of potential, but their demo on their myspace doesn't do them justice. My only complaint about them was the frontman. His vocals were great, but his overall look (appearance) was not complementing Carcinogen's style and sound. If he just wore jeans and a t-shirt; it would have been almost a flawless show.

The second band, Death Becomes Her was just what I expected...A generic LI Deathcore/metalcore band. They are nothing new and exciting. The guitarist seemed like he had no idea what he was doing and the vocals were pretty generic. A band that should have not been opening up for Kataklysm/Lazarus AD...maybe for an Emmure or Oceano show ahaha.

The third local band, Facing the Sun were pretty good. The vocalist and lead guitarist were very solid. They greatly improved from when I saw them open up for Deicide last Feb and TBDM/Skeletonwitch. There was something fishy about the sound of the bass/second guitar, but I think that was due to the 'deathcore pollution' caused from the band before them .. Then the 2 national acts came on and kicked ass!!
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