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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The same here. I'll be 32 this summer and ever since i've been about 20, year after year i've become less tolerant of people in general. That's the big reason I do the overnight shift at my job. The less contact i have with the world in general the happier I seem to be.
You can be tolerant of other people and be happy with more contact with the world if you choose to be. If you choose to be intolerant and have little contact with the outside world than thats how it will be. If you choose to be tolerant and enjoy the contact you have with the outside world than that will make life very easy and happy. I know people your age who say they enjoy less contact with others and they might a little but inside I think they would enjoy a little more human contact because it would make for a better,easier and happier life I think they would be better off enjoying everything instead of hating it. Im 17 and I use to be intolerant and hate alot of people but after about 4 1/2 years of hating things and meeting a few new people I have realized I want to be tolerant of others and enjoy the world with human contact not hate it I dont know who you are so I cant really say if you hate the world or not Im just judging from what you said about you being happier with the less contact you have with the world and from experience with people I know. If you understand my point then maybe it can help you.

That being said lets get back on topic with musical truths. I have found that there is to much screaming and growling in metal these days and not enough clean vocals. Some bands that scream and growl I like and listen to(Lamb Of God,In Flames,Shadows Fall). Some bands that scream and growl are just awful and I think they disgrace the great metal genre(Cannibal Corpse,Behemoth,Whitechaple). I also hate when bands that scream and growl cover Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath songs because all they do is scream and growl threw it. When a screaming and or growling band covers Sabbath and Maiden they disgrace the two bands who helped/influenced them to play. Also some modern bands I like do sound the same vocally. Bands like killswitch and All that Remains who combine the screaming and clean singing sound the same. We need something a little bit new in modern metal that is diffrent from that.
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