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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I've heard a rumor (someone here can confirm or dispell this) but I heard Devin hates his SYL work and is on a sabbatical from music because he did all that music while he was drugs/drunk....he is supposedly pissed about that, and now he is trying to write music sober.
He doesn't hate it, he realized it was a step in his life to get where he is now. I don't think he's proud of the fact that he either was under the influence or intentionally cutting himself off from his medication to treat bipolar disorder. He said The New Black was kind of a joke because unlike City or Alien, it was just heavy for the sake of being heavy instead of representing what he was going through at the time, and any more SYL material would have been the same.

This is all from what I've heard in interviews or whatnot so I'm pretty sure about this, but Devin might be able to correct me.

Also, I've been thinking about the Stairway vs. Freebird thing again. The consensus last time was "Freebird is blues based, Stairway is for neo-classical faries", but I'm 100% sure I'll take Stairway any day because it has an actual progression to it instead of 3 minutes of soft, 3 minutes of loud, 3 minutes of louder.
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