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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
So what if their lyrics are all the same, how many rock/metal songs are about war or social injustice or death or partying or rock n roll, some people are fascinated by gore and the visceral side of nature, let them exploit it explore it and enjoy it, while you can go cry over a song about a war.

"Laying low in a blood filled trench" vs. "Getting blown by a blood sucking wench", its all good
I guess it's just the way the song are arranged. Even though Maiden has written numerous songs about war, all of the songs sound original and have a genuine individuality to them. I don't feel that at all, not only about Cannibal Corpse but with the Death Metal genre as a whole. Much like a lot of the modern day metal bands there's way too many bands sounding the same and not enough of them creating their own idenity to seperate themselves from the pack at all.

The main reason a song like Paschendale gets that kind of emotion out of me is because my grandfather is a WW II veteran. Yes, I know the song is about a battle in WW I but he faced the simular hardships when he served as well. When I hear songs about war like that I think about the stories he's told me about his service and the sacrifices he made and how lucky he was to have survived and made it home and to still be alive today. That's why I don't think it's a big deal to admit a song like that gets me a little choked up.
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