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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I don't know, I gotta disagree. I guess it's just because of my lack of exposure, but I have massive trouble understanding most death vocals, with only a few exceptions. As I said - it probably has more to do with the fact that I never listen to them than anything else.
It's probably lack of exposure, I guess. But it's the same thing as a person with an accent though really. I've had math professors in school that had absurdly thick Russian accents, which didn't faze me whatsoever (lol brooklyn) - but the kids from Long Island who hadn't ever really dealt with that before, they spend the entire first half of the semester complaining I CANT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING HE SAYS THIS SUUUUUCKS. I think death vocals are pretty much the same way. Because of that, I can totally understand not liking them because of the sound itself, but complaining that they're impossible to understand is like hating certain power metal singers because their finnish accents are hard to understand.
Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
i've realized metalheads on the internet are fucking douchebags. on almost every metal youtube video or on websites like blabbermouth, metalsucks, smnnews, everyone is talking shit saying what bands aren't true metal and that the fans are retarted for listening to something that's not true metal. some people need to shut the fuck up and let people listen to what they want. one can only act so tough behind a keyboard.
It's not just the internet.
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