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I've come to realise that Cannibal Corpse is EXTREMELY OVERRATED by their fans. The lyrics for all their songs are the same. How many times can you write about murder, necrophilia and eating dead bodies? There's only so many ways you can do that before it gets boring and they reached that by their fourth album. We get it you're trying to be controversial and shocking. The only problem is though they're not at all. What they write about isn't anything I haven't seen in some cheesy horror movie before and that's all their lyrics are is cheesy horror. I've seen them live before and I didn't feel this whole "musical brutality" they're supposed to have all the time. I was paying attention to and trying to give them a chance but I felt nothing at all.

I used to think Brave New World was better than Dance Of Death. Mainly because BNW was so huge for Maiden being their come back with Bruce and being the Iron Maiden everyone wanted them to be again. It held a special place for me a long time. Recently though i've noticed that DOD is a better album, Not that I ever thought it was a bad album to begin with. But there's a few on BNW I can do without (TM, TFA and OOTSP) when I listen to it but DOD doesn't have a track I would skip. Begining to end it's the better album and while it took me a few years to realize this i've come around to the beleif that it's the better album.

Paschendale is such an awesome song I almost cry every time I hear it. That is all.
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